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Family Math Night Ideas For Success
Family Math Night
What is Family Math Night
Pictures for Family Math Night
Family Math Night was a huge success this year!
Family Math Night Receives Big Turn Out
Ten Steps to Organizing a Family Math Night from Kaidy Educational Resources
1.  Choose an evening.
2.  Gather volunteers to lead the activity centers.
3.  Offer a training session to familiarize them with their center.
4.  Send out flyers to students and parents. (See sample below)
5.  Arrange for evening access to a large room.
6.  Be sure you can seat 6-10 participants and a volunteer for each activity.
7.  Advertise in local media resources. (Use the Flyer Sample below.)
8.  Allow seating/tables in each center to serve approximately 6-10 participants.
9.  Provide sample handouts/activities related to your centers.
10.  HAVE FUN!

You are invited to Family Math Night at ___________ School on ____(date)____from ____to____.

Explore the wonders of math with your child/ren! Let them show you what they are learning! A variety of activities and math centers will be hosted by volunteers offering a variety of math games. Special home learning activities and ideas will be available, too!

Come to an evening of family fun and learn through our parent/school partnership!

For more information, contact ___________________at ___________________.



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